IMH , Operational results | 18 January 2018 г. | 15:09

IMH FY 2017 operational results

IMH FY 2017 operational results

Industrial Metallurgical Holding (IMH), one of the world’s leading exporters of merchant pig iron and the leading merchant coke producer in Russia, reports its operational results for FY 2017.

Coking coal mined by IMH Coal division in 2017 increased to 2.83 mt., that is 28% more than in 2016 and accounts for the absolute record for the company’s history. This increase was achieved due to the new Tikhova mine and the second stage of Butovskaya mine commissioning in May 2017. That is the result of company’s raw material self-sufficiency increase strategy implementation.

Coking coal concentrate production decreased by 6% and totaled to 2.47 mt. This decline occurred due to the processing of new grades of coal from newly commissioned mines and Berezovskaya processing plant operations reconfiguration.

Coke output in 2017 amounted to 2.7 mt. (-5 % y/y). The slight decrease in production is attributed to higher coke quality and correlating coke batteries production time extension.

Iron ore mining at Kombinat KMAruda amounted to 5.1 mt., that is 77 kt higher than in 2016. This result was the record-high for company’s entire history. Iron ore concentrate production amounted to 2.25 mt.

Tulachermet produced 2.28 mt of pig iron in 2017 (+3% y/y). This is the best result achieved by the plant in its history while operating with two blast furnaces.

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