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Second EKG-18R power shovel manufactured by IZ-KARTEKS begins operations

Second EKG-18R power shovel manufactured by IZ-KARTEKS begins operations

UK Kuzbassrazrezugol has completed the acceptance tests of the second EKG-18R power shovel manufactured by OOO IZ-KARTEKS (a part of OMZ Group) at Taldinsky coal mine.

The first EKG-18R has begun operations this spring. EKG-18R is the first series-built power shovel in the second group of the new line of equipment manufactured within the framework of an integrated product range renewal program involving deep modernization and upgrade and financed by Gazprombank, the Group’s strategic partner. Key competitive advantages of the new shovels include optimal matching with the mining transport equipment and 80% unification; the shovels can be equipped with rack-and-pinion or rope gear, and the working elements (the scoop and arm) can be swapped at will.

According to the contract, in 2011 OAO UK Kuzbassrazrezugol will also receive the EKG-32R power shovel manufactured by OOO IZ-KARTEKS. The new equipment is currently being shipped, while the assembly of the most powerful Russian power shovel is already underway at the coal mine.

Successful development of the new product range will allow IZ-KARTEKS to strengthen its positions on the mining equipment market and position itself among the top three largest international manufacturers of power shovels. Izhora-built equipment is operated at all large mines in Russia and CIS, as well as at a number of foreign operations.

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