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MMK’ hot-rolled galvanized steel accepted by Renaul

MMK’ hot-rolled galvanized steel accepted by Renaul

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has successfully passed technical audit completed by Renault.

As a result, MMK has received the French carmaker’s approval that allows the steelmaker to ship its hot-rolled galvanized steel designed for inner parts of Renault automobiles. Approval of the MMK technologies is yet another benchmark in the process of steel acceptation by the company’s potential customers.

In the past few years MMK has been successfully implementing its rolled steel products acceptation program that targets Russian and international carmakers. This program includes getting approvals for MMK technologies and products from leading international carmakers and home appliances manufacturers.

Production of corresponding steel types is monitored by the MMK Central Control Laboratory. At the moment MMK is rolling test lots of steel for such companies as LG and Ford Motor. In the meantime, selection of additional samples is underway in order to send selected samples for approval by international automakers (including General Motors, Volkswagen and Matador) and home appliances companies (such as Samsung, Bosch, Bosch und Siemens, etc.). 

Source: Metal Supply and Sale Magazine
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