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Severstal Resources continues to improve energy efficiency of its mining operations

Severstal Resources continues to improve energy efficiency of its mining operations

Over the course of three days at the Severstal Resources Energy Efficiency Forum in Vorkuta, more than 80 specialists have shared their knowledge and expertise in the field of energy efficiency and health and safety at energy facilities.

The Forum has gathered professionals from four companies comprising Severstal Resources, the mining division of OAO Severstal, one of the world’s leading vertically integrated steel and mining companies, as well as representatives from several suppliers of specialised equipment from across Russia, Germany and Brazil.

Vorkutaugol, a company with an especially strong track-record in this field, hosted the Forum. In the past year Vorkutaugol have introduced efficiency measures across the business to reduce costs by over 340 mln Rubles: more than half of this saving, about 200 mln Rubles, is as a result of improved energy efficiency.

Representatives from Vorkutaugol reported the use of methane as an energy source in the mine boiler stations, presented the unique construction project of a piston gas-generating thermal and power plant in the Severnaya mine, which is powered by methane, and shared their experience of using block mini-boiler stations.

The Forum saw specialists from Severstal Resources share their experiences of implementing energy saving technologies and discussed the Workplace Safety project, that is aimed at improving operational safety, including energy safety across the division’s mining facilities.

Energy efficiency is high on the agenda of all businesses. Agnes Ritter, Production Director at Severstal Resources, commented; “Today energy costs comprise between 10 to 20% of the mining division’s products cost base. Reducing these costs allows us to be a more efficient and competitive business, and sharing our experiences and best practices at this Forum allows us to help drive this forward.”

The Energy and Efficiency Forum is the second of its kind for Severstal. In February a similar event held by Severstal Resources took place at Karelsky Okatysh and was devoted to open-cut mining. Before the end of the current year, Severstal Resources plans to organise a number of other similar, offsite meetings.

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