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Mikhailovsky GOK won Russian Government Award

Mikhailovsky GOK won Russian Government Award

Mikhailovsky GOK (a subsidiary of Metalloinvest Holding) won the Russian Government Award in Science and Techology, as announced in the Decree of the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin #285-p dated February 25, 2011.

Mikhailovsky GOK received the Award for development and implemenation of the high-tech large-scale iron ore production project in Russia and introduction of innovative technologies to the iron ore full-scale production process including all stages from mining to processing.

The following managers and specialists of Mikhailovsky GOK and Metalloinvest Holding were named among the Russian Government Award in Science and Techology Laureates:

Andrey Varichev, CEO of Metalloinvest Holding Company, PhD in Economics
Sergey Kretov, Managing Director of MGOK, PhD in Technology
Juri Rudskoy, Chief Engineer
Alexander Kozub, Deputy Chief Engineer
Sergey Gubin, Chief Dresser, PhD in Technology
Sergey Potapov, Head of Central Tech Lab, PhD in Technology, Professor
Nickolay Kuznetsov, Chief Geologist
Alexander Tsukerman, Chief Miner

Unique and highly efficient innovative projects, succesfully implemented at Mikhailovsky GOK, include several pioneering ones in Russia. Such innovations are: technology of dry magnetic separation for lean ore that enabled to increase the iron ore concentrate production by 2 million tonnes per year, unique “Granulomer” ore milling control system, technology of the additional dressing through flotation for magnetite concentrate and production of high quality iron ore concentrate.

It was the Mikhailovsky GOK’s flotation plant who produced the first in Russia hematite concentrate from wastes of the skimping separation process. New technology allows the plant to increase output without boosting ore extraction volumes, to cut costs and decrease environmental impact.

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