TMK , Tube | 03 April 2011 г. | 10:11

TMK’s premium connections run into Lukoil’s offshore

TMK’s premium connections run into Lukoil’s offshore

Specialists from TMK, the global producer of pipes for the oil and gas industry, took part in lowering a tubing string with Premium-class threaded connections into a well of more than 2.5 kilometers deep, situated on Luloil’s Yury Korchagin oil deposit in the Caspian Sea.

The pipes were produced at TMK’s Sinarsky Pipe Plant, and the finishing threading operations were carried out at the TMK-Kaztrubprom manufacturing facility.

After the running-in, the tubing string was subjected to an air-tightness test pressure of 200 atmospheres for 30 minutes. During the testing, none of the TMK pipes was rejected as defective by the customer.

Source: Metal Supply and Sale Magazine
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