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UMMC brought in line an advanced complex for ultra-thin rolled metal Kirov (Kirov region)

UMMC brought in line an advanced complex for ultra-thin rolled metal Kirov (Kirov region)

UMMC has accomplished the construction of a state-of-the-art casting&rolling complex with end-to-end technology starting with casting and finishing with rolling strips up to 25 µm thick (what is less than human hair thickness) at Kirov non-ferrous plant OCM (KZOCM, semi-fabricating complex of UMMC). UMMC investment in this project realization has made up over 30 million euro.

On Friday, January 21st, the enterprise has launched a continuous annealing line (Otto Junker, Germany). This is the forth and the final stage of the investment program. Representatives of regional and Kirov authorities, management of UMMC and managing company “UMMC-OCM” took part in the start-up solemn ceremony.

Organization of this casting&rolling complex has considerably extended industrial boundaries for Kirov non-ferrous plant OCM. The whole complex is designed for processing thin strips at high speed that turns into the great quantities of the high-quality products.

These strips are mainly purposed for modern automotive radiators with enhanced heat exchange and low level of metal consumption. ‘UMMC structure includes two largest radiator plants – Shadrinsky Automobile Units Plant and “Orenburgsky Radiator”, which had mastered European technology of radiators production. Consequently, they demanded a strip of European standards. Neither of Russian enterprises was able to produce it. Therefore, construction of this complex has made it possible to cope with this obstacle’ – said Alexander Darensky, Director of KZOCM.

However, having the said task achieved, the enterprise still goes on its reconstruction. ‘Competition is getting up. Recently we have competed only with Russian manufacturers, but today we have to prove our position against foreign market players, which actively try to tap Russian market. That’s why we have no choice but proceed with following the way of re-equipment’ – noted Director of the enterprise.

“Otto Junker” line will allow a final treatment of copper, brass, and bronze strips with maximum mass of annealed coils 5 tons. Continuous annealing line is in a unified complex with earlier introduced vertical continuous caster (SMS Meer, Germany), rolling mill Quarto-160 (Danieli Frцhling, Germany) and shearing line (Burghardt+Schmidt, Germany). Annual output of the new complex, which construction started in 2005, makes up 11 thousand tons of rolled metal.

Note that all work on mastering new production of high-technology semi-products is in full accord with UMMC strategy focused on domestic market demand of products corresponding to world standards, including environmental ones. Now KZOCM is able to provide to the full extent both domestic and foreign markets with semis, the quality of which, in their application characteristics, conforms to the quality level of the best foreign manufacturers. First of all, we mean copper and brass strips, in a various range of thickness, for radiators.

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