NLMK | 21 May 2008 г. | 16:15

NLMK improves its slab quality

NLMK improves its slab quality
Novolipetsk Steel has commissioned a scarfing machine which procures the preparation of over 300,000 tn of slabs for rolling per year. This machine will contribute to ensuring a guaranteed high quality surface for NLMK’s flat products.
This facility, manufactured in Germany, is designed for the high-accuracy flame treatment of steel in automatic mode.  Its technical capabilities will allow NLMK to meet customers’ requirements for slabs used in the production of special flat products, including exposed parts and heavy plates.
In order to reduce environmental impacts and improve working conditions for production personnel, the facility has been equipped with a new gas cleaning system.
The RUR300 mln project has been implemented as part of the 2nd stage of NLMK’s Technical Upgrade Programme.
Source: Metal Supply and Sales
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