Belon Group Enterprises | 27 February 2008 г. | 10:21

Belon Starts Development of Prisalairskaya Polosa

Belon Starts Development of Prisalairskaya Polosa
The Novobachatsky open-pit mine, which is incorporated in Belon Group, obtained a license to explore and evaluate hard-coal reserves at the Prisalairskaya Polosa site, Kemerovo region.

The license for the site development was required to increase the coal reserves of Belon Group. In accordance with the preliminary exploration results, it is planned to find at least two prime areas of coal bedding with the total coal reserves of 10 mln tons.

The subsurface resources’ section is located in the territory of the Belovo region (Kemerovo region), near the Krasnobrodskoye deposit, which is being mined by the Novobachatsky open-pit mine. All production plants of the Company are based in the Belovo region—in close proximity to the geological coal reservation, there are the Chertinskaya-Koksovaya and Novaya-2 mines, as well as the Belovsky Stone Quarry integrated crushed stone preparation plant.

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