An active building of "Russia" | 03 May 2007 г. | 06:41

A new international exhibition complex "Russia"

A new international exhibition complex "Russia"

An active building of a new international exhibition complex “Russia” with the total area of 342 thousand sq. m including pavilions of 240 thousand sq. m. has started on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. Piles have already been driven, the “zero cycle” of the office building has already been completed and the walls of Russia, the new pavilion begin to grow. One “Russia” (the hotel) is being dilapidated whereas the other is being built.

It is planned that Metal-Expo’2007 the International Industrial Exhibition will be held at this very pavilion equipped according to the highest standards of the exhibition arrangement. The Organizers of the exhibition have shared with Metal Supply and Sales that “the most important thing is that the Moscow construction complex should have enough time to fulfill Luzhkov's instructions to finish the building of the ultramodern exhibition pavilion by autumn 2007". Besides other trade shows, the new pavilion will host Metal-Expo the largest metallurgical forum in Russia.

Exhibition spaces in the new pavilion will be allocation by Metal-Expo Management Office according to the queue principle of application for participation in this International Industrial Exhibition.

Source: Metal Supply and Sales
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