Metalloinvest , Ural Steel | 18 January 2018 г. | 15:13

High-strength Ural Steel rolled steel meets Russian Maritime Register of Shipping certification requirements

High-strength Ural Steel rolled steel meets Russian Maritime Register of Shipping certification requirements

Ural Steel (part of Metalloinvest) has received a certificate confirming the compliance of its heavy plate made from high-strength steel grades. This opens up new opportunities for the Company in the production of high-quality rolled steel products for shipbuilding and expanding its sales market. Earlier, Ural Steel confirmed the compliance with RMRS of its rolled steel products' with normal and increased durability.

The experts conducted their assessment based on the RMRS requirements for heavy plate made from the new A500, D500, E500 and F500 steel grades. As a result, Ural Steel's high-strength flat products have been certified for use in the production of sea vessels, and both floating and stationary drilling rigs.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO, COO, Management Company Metalloinvest, said: "The development of new steel grades and the certification of metal products that are subsequently produced is an important task for the Company in a highly competitive market and with growing customer demands. The rolled steel produced at Ural Steel with normal and increased strength characteristics has long established itself among domestic and foreign shipbuilders, and our new developments are designed to reinforce the position of Metalloinvest in the market of high-strength steel in Russia and abroad."

Samples of Ural Steel’s high-strength metal have been tested for thermomechanical properties to meet the requirements of a number of standards at the enterprise’s Central Laboratory and at the independent laboratory of St. Petersburg.

Based on the results of the inspections, the RMRS auditors confirmed that the rolled metal produced from the high-strength steel grades A500, D500, E500, F500 fully complies with the requirements of the Rules for Classification and Construction of Offshore Ships and the requirements of GOST R 52927 and can be used in extreme climates.

Dmitry Nazarov, Engineer and Inspector of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, said: "We have confirmed the steel’s strength, high standards for mechanical properties and other characteristics through tests conducted at the laboratory. Overall, I am satisfied with the results. Traditionally, the quality of Ural Steel’s metal is always confirmed."

Ural Steel’s rolled steel products are in great demand among domestic and foreign shipbuilders. Today, the metal produced at Novotroitsk is used to build drilling platforms, dry cargo ships, and passenger ocean liners.

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