Metalloinvest | 15 September 2017 г. | 14:50

Lighting at three Metalloinvest enterprises becomes 70% more energy efficient

Lighting at three Metalloinvest enterprises becomes 70% more energy efficient

Philips Lighting has modernised the lighting systems at OEMK, Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK, which will enable Metalloinvest to save over 30.5 mn kWh per year.

Philips Lighting, a leader in global lighting solutions, has completed the first stage of large-scale renovation work on the lighting systems at three Metalloinvest enterprises: OEMK, Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK. As part of the project, ready-made lighting systems have been installed at a total of 17 production facilities. As a result of the modernisation process, energy consumption has decreased by 70% and the aggregated capacity of light fittings has been reduced by 4.5 MW. Metalloinvest estimates that the transition to the modern lighting system will pay for itself within two years, and will save 30.5 mn kilowatt hours per year, comparable to the energy consumption of a small town.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO, COO, Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: "Modernising the lighting systems of Metalloinvest enterprises is an important step in the Company's programme to reduce energy consumption, the aim of which is a significant reduction in the Company's costs. In addition, implementing a project to increase the energy efficiency of Metalloinvest enterprises' lighting systems will increase production security, which is the highest priority for Metalloinvest."

Replacement work on old lighting systems has been taking place at the three Metalloinvest enterprises. The lighting system at Mikhailovsky GOK, one of the largest iron ore mining and beneficiation facilities in Russia and the CIS, required almost total reconstruction: ceiling lighting was replaced in 13 out of 14 facilities, including the crushing and beneficiation plant and the pellet plant. The installation of modern light fittings has enabled the lighting system to reduce its energy consumption by 70%.

At Lebedinsky GOK, the only producer of hot briquetted iron (HBI) producer in Russia and the CIS, the new equipment has been installed in the key departments within the beneficiation plant. At OEMK, the largest full-cycle steel company in Russia producing metal without harmful alloys and residual elements, modern light fittings have been set up in the metal rolling facilities.

In total, lighting systems have been updated in 17 production facilities. In most work spaces, modern CrestBay metal halide lamps have been installed, as well as Megalux lights, which, due to being heat-resistant, are able to function in temperatures of up to 90°C. These have replaced the old mercury vapour lamps, with a capacity of 6.0 megawatts and an annual electricity consumption of 43.5 mn kWh. GreenPerform Highbay LEDs have been installed as a reserve lighting system, to be used only when essential, which function non-stop in high temperatures and will provide lighting pulses to the required standard.

The total installed capacity of the new equipment amounts to 1.5 megawatts, consuming 13 mn kWh per year. In order to establish the results of the project, an energy meter has been installed at the enterprises to measure the new system's energy consumption.

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