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Ormet plans to launch underground mine

Ormet plans to launch underground mine
Ormet (part of Russian Copper Company) continues the construction of an underground mine at the Dzhusinskoye deposit, Chelyabinsk region.

Currently, the surface obejectes of the mine is being assembled, ore is mined at the prepared site as part of a pilot project for approbation of development systems, which should guarantee the safety of mining operations.

Ormet develops Dzhusinskoye deposit since 2004 with an open-pit mine. New mine will enable to develop its resources with the underground mine. Its depth will be about 550 m Dzhusinskoye, capacity – approximately 250,000 tons of copper-pyrite ore per year.

The launch of the underground mine is scheduled for October 2017.

Source: Metal Supply and Sale Magazine
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