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MMI to invest $98.3 mln in environmental programme

MMI to invest $98.3 mln in environmental programme
Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) Group plans to complete 87 environmental initiatives in 2017 with total investments estimated at around 5.6 bln rubles ($98.3 mln) under its environmental programme.

Environmental initiatives in 2017 will cover all of MMK Group’s production facilities and subsidiaries. An estimated 5.26 bln rubles will be invested in 69 initiatives at the Magnitogorsk facility, while the remaining 325 mln rubles will be directed to subsidiaries.

There are several priority areas. Over 1 bln rubles will be invested into new environmental facilities, including the construction of a new sinter plant and continuous hot-dip galvanizing lines at its metal-coating shop #3 at rolling mill #11, as well as construction of new stationary wagon damper at the sinter burden shop.

The focus will remain on cutting air pollutant emissions. This includes 33 planned initiatives worth more than 3.6 bln rubles. This will enable an emissions reduction of 2,500 tonnes per year, cutting the carbon intensity to 1.95 kg per one tonne of steel while also ensuring compliance with the maximum admissible emissions rates, and improving the gas-cleaning units’ efficiency and reliability. Initiatives aimed at reducing air emissions will include building aspiration systems for casting beds at blast-furnaces, as well as reconstruction work on the double-hearth furnace’s gas-cleaning unit and the ladle metallurgy facilities at the arc-furnace shop.

Around 650 mln rubles will be invested into reducing water pollutant discharge. Key initiatives will include the reconstruction of MMK’s circulation water supply system and expanding the coolant storage tank.

Another 900 mln rubles will be invested in initiatives to reduce and prevent the impact of industrial waste on the environment. Projects completed in 2017 will make it possible to use 2.29 mln tonnes of waste as secondary materials for burden.

Source: Metal Supply and Sale Magazine
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