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NLMK Group to upgrade its BF operations in 2018

NLMK Group to upgrade its BF operations in 2018
NLMK Group has signed an agreement with Paul Wurth (Luxembourg) for engineering and the supply of equipment for the reconstruction of blast furnace No.6 (BF-6), which has a capacity of 3.2 million tonnes per year, at its production site in Lipetsk.

The upgrade, planned to begin in Q1 2018, will extend the service life of the blast furnace by at least 20 years; and boost its productivity by 8% to 3.4 million tonnes of pig iron per year.

Konstantin Lagutin, NLMK Group Vice President for Investment Projects, said:

“This project is part of the programme we announced previously aimed at upgrading and enhancing the reliability of our equipment. At the same time, it will have a substantial economic effect. The upgrade will result in a blast furnace that is greener, more productive, and more efficient in terms of its consumption rates. Reconstruction of the blast furnace dedusting systems will provide a six-fold increase the efficiency of air treatment, and achieve a level of performance that is among the best in the global steel industry.”

At the beginning of 2018, as part of the large-scale reconstruction, BF-6 will be dismantled right down to its foundations and then completely rebuilt within a period of 135 days. Auxiliary facilities will also be upgraded, including the stoves; the dedusting system at the casting yard and trestle; and the blast furnace cooling system.

Lipetsk site currently operates five blast furnaces: BF-3 (production capacity of 1.6 million tonnes of pig iron per year); BF-4 (production capacity of 2 million tonnes of pig iron per year); BF-5 (production capacity of 2.8 million tonnes of pig iron per year); and BF-7 (production capacity of 4.2 million tonnes of pig iron per year). Blast furnace No. 7 is the first and only blast furnace built in a post-Soviet country. Blast furnace No. 7 was built using the most advanced, innovative technical solutions developed by leading Russian and international engineering companies. The entire production process is based on the best available environmental and resource efficient technologies, including highly efficient dust collection and closed loop water systems.

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