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Sergey Gnilitsky was appointed as CEO of Olcon

Sergey Gnilitsky was appointed as CEO of Olcon
Severstal has announced the appointment of Sergey Gnilitsky as Chief Executive Officer of Olcon, a fully owned subsidiary of Severstal. Sergey Gnilitsky was previously Director of Mining Plant Management at Olcon. Alexander Popov, formerly CEO of Olcon since 2011, will become CEO of Krasky Kotelschik Plant, part of Silovye Mashiny. The appointment of the new CEO of Olcon will be effective as of 15 of February 2016.

Vadim Larin, CEO of Severstal, said: “Sergey Gnilitsky’s significant expertise and operational experience at Olkon will underpin the continued development of the company. Olcon is today one of the best performing iron ore complexes in the industry, and this is thanks in large part to the hard work of Alexandre Popov and his team. I wish Alexander every success in his new role.”

Sergey Gnilitsky
Sergey joined Severstal in 1993, where he worked his way up from assistant rig operator to becoming Director of Mining Plant Management at Olcon in 2012.
Sergey graduated from the National Mineral Resources University in St. Petersburg, where he specialised in technology and equipment for mineral exploration, mining engineering.

Alexander Popov
Alexander joined Severstal in 2006 as Director for Capital Construction at Kuzbassugol. In 2007 he became Director for Procurement at Vorkutaugol and was Director of the Vorkuta Transport Enterprise at Vorkutaugol between 2009 and March 2011. Alexander was appointed CEO of Olcon in 2011.
Alexander graduated from the Kuzbass State Technical University where he specialised in economics and construction plant management.

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