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OMK holds successful trials of new pipeline and fitings

OMK holds successful trials of new pipeline and fitings
The oil and gas pipelines made at Vyksa Steel Works (VSW, part of United Metallurgical Company, OMK Joint Stock Company, Moscow) and pipeline fittings made at Trubodetal factory (part of OMK) from the company’s own patented 05KhGB steel grade have successfully passed benchmark and field tests in Western Siberia and the Komi Republic. The items are distinguished by extra durability to corrosion and advanced operational reliability.

The set of tests has confirmed the top operational characteristics of pipes and fittings made from the 05KhGB steel, making it possible for large Russian oil and gas companies to recommend them for the construction of pilot pipelines. Gazprom Neft is currently testing the operations of such main pipelines, while Rosneft and Lukoil are planning to start construction of the facilities.

“The conditions for extracting hydrocarbons are getting more complicated. The demand for domestic oil and gas pipes with extra corrosion durability is growing. OMK’s pipe products, made from the innovative 05KhGB steel, surpass their analogs in the continuity of operational qualities and are distinguished by a lengthier service period,” said Pavel Stepanov, Director of VSW’s Engineering and Technology Center.

The innovative 05KhGB steel grade is one of the latest joint developments by VSW’s Engineering and Technology Center and Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy. It meets the high corrosion durability requirements in environments with a high concentration of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

VSW’s pipes made from the 05KhGB steel grade are intended for use in all climatic regions of Russia engaged in oil and gas extraction without any limits to the operational temperature and the composition of aggressive components of the associated gas.

VSW can currently produce pipes from the 05KhGB steel with a diameter between 159mm and 530mm and with a wall thickness of 5mm –12mm. The company has won several prestigious industry awards for designing and launching the production of pipes from this innovative steel grade. These pipes are covered by the range of pipeline fittings made at the Trubodetal factory, namely knuckle bends made with high frequency currents, and stamped T-bends.

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