Industrial Metallurgical Holding | 10 December 2011 г. | 10:00

New Crane Runway in the Hardening Plant at Noћi Ravne

New Crane Runway in the Hardening Plant at Noћi Ravne

The New Crane Runway in the Hardening Plant at Noћi Ravne. The production plant of Noћi Ravne, Slovenian Steel Group (SIJ – Slovenska industrija jekla) was built in 1973. Since then the hardening plant has been facing problems due to the wearing out of the rails on the crane runway.

On the most heavily loaded spots in the hardening plant (at the installation tempering machinery) the crane runway has worn away 10 mm and more due to the heavy weight of the equipment. Despite fast intervention, frequent jams kept causing a stop in the whole hardening plant, as the transport in the plant runs exclusively on the crane. The company, therefore, decided to replace the worn-out rails on the crane runway. The complete replacement of the rails, drive and idle wheels with all their associated parts was carried out by Insem Atmos, a company they have worked with for many years.

The old (welded) rails were replaced in ten full working days, and with the installation of a new mounting system further replacements will be possible in no more than three days. In this way the manufacturers of cutting-edge industrial knives at Noћi Ravne will be able to replace worn rails appropriately and with significantly fewer costs, thereby increasing their competitive value.

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