Metalloinvest | 04 March 2019 г. | 12:26

Metalloinvest purchases new heavy-duty excavator for Lebedinsky GOK

Metalloinvest purchases new heavy-duty excavator for Lebedinsky GOK

A new heavy-duty excavator (EKG-20), with a 20 cubic metre ladle, has been launched into operation at Lebedinsky GOK (part of Metalloinvest). Modern and powerful production equipment, such as the new excavator, is regularly purchased by Metalloinvest for Lebedinsky GOK as part of its investment programme designed to modernise its mining transportation complex.

Lebedinsky GOK’s mining fleet consists of three excavators, each with a 20 cubic metre ladle. Together with the plant’s BelAZ fleet, which has a capacity of 220 tonnes, they form a highly-efficient system of transporting mined rock. This combination enables the loading of dump trucks within three minutes.

The new excavator has improved efficiency, capacity and reliability, and its centralised lubrication system makes its regular maintenance an easier process. Its modern video monitoring system provides a 360-degree view, while the electronic online panel shows the weight of shipment, movement trajectory and indicates the condition of key units and mechanisms.

The driver’s cabin of the excavator has been built to create a good working environment. It is equipped with a comfortable chair, advanced noise and dust insulation system, climate control, as well as a microwave and kettle.

Mikhail Pavlov, Excavator Operator at the mine management level, said: “Our new excavator is a real asset. Weighing only 700 tonnes, it is easy to manage and has good manoeuvrability. I believe the future belongs to big ladles, higher capacity machinery and dedicated professionals. When you see that the enterprise is developing and modernising its equipment, it inspires us employees to improve ourselves.”

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