Metalloinvest | 29 November 2018 г. | 11:15

Metalloinvest increases productivity of Pellet Plant #3 by 5% this year

Metalloinvest increases productivity of Pellet Plant #3 by 5% this year

Metalloinvest has continued to implement its project to modernise Pellet Plant #3 (PP-3) at Mikhailovsky GOK.

The first stage of modernisation was carried out on PP-3’s operational design in order to increase the efficiency of pellet production from mixes of iron ore concentrates from Mikhailovsky GOK and Lebedinsky GOK. As a result, PP-3’s productivity grew by 5%, equivalent to 250,000 tonnes of iron ore pellets per year.

Earlier this year, Metalloinvest launched a concentrate intake facility at Mikhailovsky GOK to produce high quality pellets from a mix of concentrates from Mikhailovsky GOK and Lebedinsky GOK. The use of beneficiated concentrate from Lebedinsky GOK with an Fe content of over 70% enables the enterprises to improve the quality of its mixture and produce pellets with an Fe content of 65-67%.

The second stage of modernisation of PP-3 is planned for 2019, involving the reconstruction of PP-3’s heating design with the aim of increasing productivity by an additional 5%.

The estimated investment in the two stages of the project totals approximately RUB 1 bn.

Andrey Varichev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, said: “The modernisation of PP-3 is taking place as part of Mikhailovsky GOK’s complex development programme which aims to increase output volume and quality of high value-added products. Today, the demand for quality pellets is very high, as using this raw material allows steel workers to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. Increasing the productivity of PP-3 gives us the opportunity to access new sales markets.”

The first stage of the work involved the modernisation of the vacuum filters by reconstructing the general components. Changes were made to the operational algorithms in the machine flow sheet of the pellet plant to facilitate its continuous operation even when certain pieces of equipment are temporarily switched off. Improvements were made to the electric filter unloading system and the functionality of adjustable equipment. Events also took place to increase the efficiency of work in the drying and cooling zones.

Sergey Kretov, Managing Director, Mikhailovsky GOK, commented: “PP-3 at Mikhailovsky GOK is set apart by its modern operations. These include high unit productivity, flexibility in production of different types of pellets, and the high level of gas purification, reaching up to 98%. The specific levels of energy resource use – electrical energy and gas – are in line with global best practice. Aside from this, the project has provided the opportunity to enhance these processes, increasing productivity and product quality to meet customer demand. Metalloinvest is carrying out this work to increase efficiency of the Company’s production with the aim of strengthening its leading position on the high-quality iron ore raw materials market.”

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