NLMK | 27 February 2018 г. | 11:06

NLMK Group launches online voting service for shareholders

NLMK Group launches online voting service for shareholders

NLMK Group, an international steel company, is launching an electronic voting (e-voting) service for its shareholders. The company will hold the first electronic vote in its history during the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 12 March 2018, for voting on its new CEO (Chairman of the Management Board).

The e-voting service offers shareholders a more convenient method for casting their vote and will contribute to improving the quality of the company’s corporate governance.

The service will be available to all categories of shareholder registered with the Russian Public Services Portal, regardless of whether their securities are held in the register or a depository. The system guarantees security and confidentiality.

No special technical means are required to access the service. The service is accessible online from anywhere in the world.

Shareholders wishing to use the e-voting service at the upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders have to fill out an electronic ballot on the company's website.

The E-voting platform was developed by the National Settlement Depository (NSD) and is a universal voting mechanism. It enables security holders to take part in shareholder meetings remotely and to vote at meetings in absentia.

The e-voting service is available to shareholders free of charge. The service enables shareholders to register and vote electronically, to connect to video or text broadcasting, to access agenda items and meeting materials, and to communicate with the issuer online during the meeting itself.

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